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Tyhyin Pantano
I'm A Kinky Manwhore

Date: 2010-10-20 01:56
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
Music:Alcazar- Crying At The Discotheque
Tags:digimon, kim wilde, kol!, robyn, scrubs, supernatural, wolf gang
 from accio0greatness

1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload/link) 5 songs you love that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

I was given the letter 'K'. (K for Kaiva)

Since I have only about 26 songs starting with k this will be fairly easy. I hope.

The Killing Moon by Echo and the Bunnymen. I first heard this on an advert to Supernatural and fell in love with it straight away. I love how gravelly his voice is. The mood it sets. Plus the name is quite cool. "Under blue moon I saw you, So soon you'll take me!"

The King and All of His Men by Wolf Gang. I just love this song for the lyrics. The lead singer also reminds me of James Marster but kinda like a Pied Piper version lol. "You took her soul, So incomplete, Why don't you stop fighting me? You're in control."

Kids In America by Kim Wilde. I heard this on the Digimon movie. (Which I fecking loved, so sue me!) Then I heard it on Scrubs so double bonus! "New York to East California, There's a new wave coming I warn ya', We're the kids in America, WOAH!"

King of the Rodeo by Kings of Leon. The first song by Kings of Leon I heard was 'Sex On Fire' and some people would call me a wannanbe but meh to them! I at least went through their previous stuff on YouTube and found the songs I liked. I feel as if I missed out on years of loving KOL! Ok Caleb's singing is sometime illegible so I just sing what I hear and that is different each time, so no lyrics for this one.

Konichiwa Bitches by Robyn. I loved this the second it came on the music channel I was watching. This is the *PURE* Robyn. From back when she started lol. Some very good lines in this. "I'm so very hot that when I rob your mansion, You ain't callin' the cops you call the firestation."

There you go my dear, five songs. :D.

Comments as always equal love of the highest order.
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Date: 2010-10-16 23:55
Subject: First post in aaaages!
Security: Public
Music:Glee- River Deep, Mountain High
Tags:art, blackberry, textiles, tintin, tv
This past week has been quite productive. I've been very inspired for both my projects at college. So that is uber good. I've scanned them in so I can add to them. I've also put them on my DA.

Massive Art Post!Collapse )
In other news I got a BlackBerry and I'm loving it!
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Date: 2010-08-23 22:04
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
Music:Brandon Flowers- Crossfire
Tags:captain corelli's mandolin, cephallonia, greece, la scala, review
I finished "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" yesterday and I have written a review of it. This is that review:

'The saying 'don't judge a book by it's cover' is a cliche and despite people saying they do not partake in this literary faux pas, many, including myself do. Out of the plethora of things this book has taught me the most important is to heed my cliches. I bought this book after watching the film 'interpretation' a number of times with my mother and sister. The movie is good if one is romantic and wishes to delusion oneself. In retrospect the film conned me, Hollywood turned me into an innocent. What I found in this book was not what I was expecting.

Admittedly I found the beginning particularly slow going at first, the poison of seeing a film version before reading the book I expect. The war however started off slow for the Greeks, full of waiting and confusion. Bernieres used the first few chapters to enfold me in Pelagia's village until I felt as if I were a Cephallonian myself. We are given little snapshots into the lives of Mussolini and Mataxas. Dr Iannis cannot write objectively but his creator certainly can.

When war is finally declared and Italy invades we live it through Pelagia's letters to Mandras and the turmoil and horror of battle with Mandras and Carlo. Despite the subject matter the book is riddled with the merry veins of humour. The Italian occupation is met with the grumbling assent of the occupied. Iannis would describe them as better than the Turks but worse than the British. Antonio and Pelagia descend into a slow starting relationship with hilarity and romance in equal measure.

On Cephallonia the Italians are akin to domestic dogs. There are certain adjustments one is forced to make when sharing ones home with a dog. This is what the Italians were, an adjustment. But the Nazis were wolves. One does not live with a wolf. A wolf terrorizes and steals chickens. A wolf kills because it is his nature. Such are the Nazis. Yet Bernieres himself shows no prejudice, he tarnishes everyone be he Greek, Italian or German with the same un-judging stick. Explains whatever it is he or she is guilty of in a certain detached manner. All the emotion is left to the reader.

Upon the Italians surrender I was filled with dread. The courage of the Italians is demonstrated and ultimately quelled. I have to be honest that when La Scala are facing the firing squad I could barely see through my tears. Carlo's last act of love for Antonio made him a martyr in my eyes. Nazi predilection to fire is displayed clearly in this book. The line that puts it into perspective is when the old goatherd Alekos observes from Mt Aenos huge bonfires all over the island and thinks it must be a festival. The German occupation sees Cephallonia thin and downtrodden. The islanders left wistful for the Italians.

Bernieres displays that not all Nazis were evil with Gunter Weber, a Captain of the Third Reich and honourary member of La Scala. He humanises the inhuman Nazis by showing there friendships with the Italians. Which is then shattered by firing squad.

I don't want to fall into a contrast and compare tangent that I can feel tingling in my fingers. So with that in mind I will say only this. The film version sold itself as a love story belittling the book. The book itself is not a story of two people but of an island, of Cephallonia. It is a history book interspersed with fiction rather that the opposite.

I have lived on the Greek island of Cephallonia during the Second World War. Lived through the Italian occupation, the brutality of the German occupation. Seethed with barely conceiled rage during the psuedo civil war and the devastating earthquake thereafter. All through a book I held in my hands. This book has taught and touched me many things and in many ways. I would recomend it vehemently'

Danke for reading.
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Date: 2010-05-06 18:34
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
Tags:agora, alexandria, christianity, hypatia, pythagoras, rachel weisz, sexism, wikipedia
I wore my Winklepickers to college today and got a fair few compliments
My life drawing tutor said "You're looking very Pop art today, it's good to see art students looking like art students." and my 3D tutor said she had and I quote "Shoe envy."
But now my feet are hurting
On to my pseudo article on Hypatia

I was at the photocopier at college today and there's a shelf of art magazines next to it and as I was stood there waiting I saw this newspaper article that someone had cut out on the shelf. Being the inquisitive soul that I am I read it finding it very interesting. It was just a small article on the inequality of mathematical history. How everybody has heard of Pythagoras but not of Hypatia even though they both achieved works of note. This is about Hypatia, the article stated that despite her work being held as a standard for mathematics she isn't known by the general populace. The thing however that caught my attention was the last few lines. The lines were: "She was murdered by a Christian mob who stripped her naked, peeled away her flesh with broken pottery and ripped apart her limbs." This horrified me.
     Without me knowing I had been on the edge of learning about Hypatia. I had seen a trailer for a movie called "Agora" that involved Rachel Weisz and thought it looked good and a tad artsy. Now I find out that "Agora" is based on the life of Hypatia. I entered her name into google and looked at her Wikipedia page because I wanted to know why they killed her the way they did. It turns out that in Alexandria at the time Christianity was slowly shadowing the Roman religion. Orestes, the Imperial Prefect and Cyril the Pope of Alexandria had fallen out and the majority believed that it was Hypatia that had come between the two. The reason however was that Cyril didn't want Alexandria to continue dwelling in the sin of Paganism. Her chariot was waylaid on her way home one night and she was thus murdered. There are two accounts of her murder on her Wikipedia page, one from the time around her death and another from two centuries later. The second was clearly written by a Christian as it starts off by calling her a pagan and continuing to say she "...beguiled many people through Satanic wiles." The account also fails to mention the horrific way that the mob murdered her.
     Another thing is that when the film "Agora" was released in 2009, the Religious Anti-Defamation Observatory protested against the film for supposedly "promoting the hatred of Christians and reinforcing false cliches about the Catholic Church." I believe people are allowed to have there own beliefs but when the church blatantly lies about something it sullies what could be a good thing. The movie did not make anything up it is history. I personally do not think Jesus would have wanted those men to kill a defenceless woman in his name, no matter the supposed reason.

:D Ok rant/article over
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Date: 2009-12-26 03:52
Subject: Veronica Mars
Security: Public
Mood:Quiet Happy Actually
Music:Veronica Mars S03 E12
Tags:avatar, boxing day, christmas, dances with wolves, dick casablancas, doctor who, gilmore girls, pinball wizard, slash, the oc, veronica mars, wilfred mott
I could not love Veronica Mars more,
Actually I could, if they made a season four.

Poetry just falls out of my mouth almost making the phrase "I'm a poet and I didn't know it" redundant
It is now no longer Christmas Day but Boxing Day (obvs) and I am awake watching Season Three of VM
I think VMS03 is my favourite by far
If only for the amazing picture of Dick in the intro
I have warmed to Dick Casablancas
He used to be Cassidy's dick of an older brother if you pardon the pun but now I am seeing that he has one then one side
I was really going for a 3D reference there rather than a psuedo-cheesy cliche but oh well
But once Cassidy turned out to be a cute yet homicidal maniac I switched allegiance
I have all 3 seasons of VM on DVD and whilst I mourn profusely over the fact that there isn't more I am kinda glad
For you see if there were more seasons I would have been less inclined to buy them
The amount of seasons of The OC and Gilmore Girls is the predominant factor as to why I still do not own them on DVD, although for the later it is more a case of which to choose :D
Any who call me "He Who Runs With Tangents" which sounds silly and also kind of pretentious but I'm sticking with it.
Now I own the DVD's any future bf will never escape the woman wonder that is V. Mars.
As there is a DVD player here at my house and I assume there will be one at his
Not to say I wouldn't go out with a guy if he lived in a box
He could plug it into his cardboard walls and it'd probably make me like him more :D
'Cos I'm weird like that

In an episode that I have just watched which as the DVD has a french blurb is entitled " Monnaie de singe."
Which apart from a small monkey being a main factor in the episode I know from my GCSE french annnnnnnnnnnnd teasing Nick Wilkinson in year 9 for his big ears (mainly because I fancied the pants of him) that singe is french for monkey.
"Monkey Business" but in english it is called "Show Me The Monkey"
Again I am straying into Dances With Wolves territory (and isn't that such a good film, I cried when Two Socks was shot by those soldiers)
Now I feel embarrassed as the thing I was going to say is not from that episode anyway
There is a good enough reason to talk about it though
Gil Thomas, he clearly loved that monkey, Oscar. And Oscar clearly loved him
Me thinks that man should switch to zoology
He was also very cute especially during V's big reveal scene with him and Oscar
I'm glad she didn't tell, that even VM knows that doing the wrong thing for the right reasons is sometimes the right thing to do :D
Also I feel so sorry for Piz
But as I am the living embodiment of Slash I take solace in the fact that I have some Piz/Wallace saved onto my Western Digital to fall back on
Logan/Dick is now my official OTP for VM

Me waxing lyrical for ya :D
And here is the example for the meaning of waxing lyrical:
"I recall Roz waxing lyrical about the flatness of his stomach." :D oh the joys of the internet

Avatar the game is on a par with the movie
If not better for the fact that it expands upon said movie
Pandora The Field Guide has yet to arrive from Amazon :(
The same goes for Winter Birds but for which I am slightly more agitated as I have been waiting for that book since the 5th of this month
Über :(

Now I need to get back to watching aforementioned VM (mentioned a lot) so in the immortal words of Wilfred Mott "Good lord she's a cactus!"

Oh and btw the pop reference I never fully alluded that I was going to allude to was when Veronica spoke a few lines from Pinball Wizard at Dick
A fan would understand (but don't feel bad non fans (:O as if there is such a thing) we're the same as you, just more super) ;)
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Date: 2009-12-24 03:44
Subject: Virginal post :D
Security: Public
Music:Bats For Lashes- What's A Girl To Do
Tags:[info]franklover2007, [info]kol_slash, misfits
I just posted my first ever post on kol_slash
its like Christmas Eve man
ok uber danke to franklover2007 for encouraging me to drabble in KOL!slash
anyone out that that would read a Misfits slash fic with Nathan/Simon

that is all
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Date: 2009-07-25 05:11
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
Music:22 - Lily Allen
Tags:agrophobic vampire
i cant go out in the day but i dont want to go out at night
recently i read and i write but thats all do
i havent picked up a pencil in ages
got one more chemo session left
then a month off then radiotherapy everyday for 3 weeks
so not looking forward to that
might have to miss start of college
but im gd now
feeling very wordy
just been watching romeo and juliet
shakespeare is better when shouted
i proper love ace of cakes
i envisage Geof and Ben together
true blood is good
kinda blasse atm
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Date: 2009-06-06 00:30
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
Location:under the stairs
Tags:dream boy, seeing redd, tuck everlasting
ok i have sooooooooooooo much work to do
nd im kinda procrastinating
two projects to finish
typography and landscapes

recently discovered this movie adaptation of a novel called Dream Boy
watched it and its amazing!
i seriously love it
i ordered the book from amazon cos i want to know how the author described what the director shot
i also ordered Tuck Everlasting and Seeing Redd
ive wanted to read Tuck Everlasting ever since i saw the movie adaptation with alexis bledel
i did get the ebook but i like to hold books in my hand so i didnt read it
and plus its on my laptop which i dont go on now

im off to bed

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Date: 2009-05-25 13:03
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
i woke up crying today
it wasnt a nightmare really
i dreamt my mother died
sam winchester was my brother
we forgot bout her
then i did nd i cried...........nd  woke up

now i feel like a biff
the district nurses havent come yet
they sed theyd be here at 3
its exactly 3 now :P

they have just been
i feel better than i did the last time they came nd flushed my line
i want some pasta
carbonnara me thinks
ill have to get my dad to make it
except all the pasta has mushrooms in it
so im having soy sauce noodles instead
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Date: 2009-04-30 09:34
Subject: The Grief of an Old Man
Security: Public
Location:under the stairs
Music:Kings of Leon - 17
Tags:beckett_mckay, sga, slash, stargate atlantis
Ok this is the first ever fic ive written that ive actually posted
so here goes nothing

                                                                                          The Grief of an Old Man

He undresses and gets into bed, moves onto the left side of the bed and puts his left arm above his head. “Run simulation one, please,” he says to the room.


 “Yes, Doctor McKay,” it replies.


Then he's there behind him with his right arm around his waist and left hand in his just like it once was. He knows every movement, every response and follows them to the letter even though he doesn't have to. The hand in his and the one on his stomach are touching him but yet they're not. The touch they endowed left years ago, all he's left with is its ghost. He prepares himself for what he knows will come next, even though he's lived this moment a thousand times he can never get used to the feeling of the Simulation kissing his neck. It's like a combination of someone putting their cigarette out on his neck and someone putting an ice cube in the same place.


“Oh God, Carson I miss you!” he says but the Simulation just carries on the conversation he and the real Carson had years ago, it does what it has done for years, console Doctor Rodney McKay. The simulated Carson doesn't notice his wrinkles, his graying hair or the tears rolling down his cheeks. Rodney listens to the one-sided conversation which to him sounds like an echo and he's heard it enough. He knows it by heart. Some nights he sings it like a hymn and watches as the Simulation’s facial expressions change the way Carson’s once did.


As the Simulation closes it eyes to sleep Rodney strokes a finger down its cheek and watches the image ripple. Now he starts to sob knowing the Simulation can’t hear him and that maybe Carson will. The world has the technology that would allow him to interact with the Simulation, he invented it himself but he doesn’t want to sully the memory.


All their friends are dead - one after another they fell. Elizabeth soon after Carson and John soon after her. Major Lorne was promoted to military leader of Atlantis and year after year more and more Rodney saw his spirit dim until one day he put his rifle in his mouth. Stargate Command sent a young Major to fill his role. Zelenka threw himself at any mission that looked dangerous after his husband’s suicide and when the Wraith fired at his Puddlejumper he said, “Here I come, moje láska,*” and sighed his soul away for the whole of Atlantis to hear. Ronon hunted down the Wraith that killed John and returned to Atlantis with its head, then almost immediately climbed the railings of the control tower and dived into Lantea’s ocean. David Parrish was killed by the natives of M92-136 for touching their sacred tree and Atlantis sent his body back to Earth. Teyla left Atlantis and returned to New Athos where she died a very old woman surrounded by her children and grandchildren or so Rodney heard. The woman who replaced Carson as Chief Medic, Jennifer Keller, lasted longer than all of them. When a virus going around one of the worlds she visited to give check-ups finally took her, her hair was going grey and she had saved many good people.


Rodney stayed as the Head of Science until after the Wraith were finally defeated then he returned to Canada. The people of Earth were no longer blind to the happenings at Stargate Command and when Rodney returned he was met by a heroes' welcome. The brilliant scientist with the hollow heart took jobs teaching physics at community colleges. Everybody that knew about him and Carson was dead so he didn’t tell anyone living.


When Carson died Rodney visited his mother in Scotland and they broke down in each others arms, both recognizing the grief they saw in the others eyes. Rodney visited her every time he had leave on Earth and always they’d go hand in hand to Carson’s grave and tell him all that he’d missed.


Now she’s dead and Rodney’s an old man who cries himself to sleep over the flickering image of his dead lover that is always gone when he wakes in the morning.




*my love

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